Intuition is a Leadership Skill

Case Study:​

Authentic leaders are self-aware, genuine, heart-centered, and focused on results related to an ethical mission.

Intellect and intuition are always connected.

We are living in rapidly changing times. Information isn’t enough. We have moved from the age of information to the age of connection, integration, and intuition.

Successful leaders refer to their instincts and inner voice to notice trends, pay attention to patterns that are emerging, and make decisions. Research is now showing the importance of using our intellect and cognition with our intuition.

Learn and practice:

  • 4 primary ways to access intuition
  • Powerful deep listening
  • Qualities & characteristics of highly intuitive people that make them great leaders
  • Tools for tapping in & trusting your intuition

Rebecca Johns

Rebecca is very experienced leader, coach and consultant. She provides personal and professional development to clients internationally. Her background includes 35 years of teaching in higher education at University level, Pre-K through 12 public education, consulting, facilitation, and coaching. Rebecca offers skills, tools and her experience in a variety of sectors including education, healthcare, business, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. She coaches conscious leaders and social visionaries who are willing to live on the edge of what is possible. Her clients span all ages, and she has a particular interest in the next generation of leaders. Rebecca brings her longtime commitment to meditation and mindfulness, years of exploring in the Himalayas, decades of travel, and a grounded and expansive approach to life and work. She is passionate about nature. She’s climbing mountains, paddling rivers, and skiing the backcountry by.

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