Engagement. Whose choice?


In these times of disruptive turbulence many organizations find that their continuity can’t be taken for granted at all. The covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the strategic outlook for many organizations. One of the differentiating factors is an engaged workforce. It’s a well-known fact that commitment delivers much better results than mere compliance.
Without a magic pill being available, Geert Hofman will present an approach allowing each individual staff member to assess their level of engagement, using an innovative method to gather information. Furthermore you’ll discover out what is missing for a more optimized level of engagement and how they want to go about to exploring possibilities to optimize their engagement.

Why attend?
In our time together you’ll have three concrete experiences to help you determine for yourself where you stand regarding your level of engagement and what actions you can take to further improve that.

Geert Hofman

… is a highly experienced executive coach, having worked with executives, leaders and professionals on four continents, in four languages. He specializes in transformational presence, which is really about how you show up to partner with the potential in each situation and to work with what is getting in the way of that. As a graduate from Erasmus University Rotterdam (MSc), he developed his career from various consulting roles to leading a software company before becoming an executive coach. A main theme in his work has always been to work closely with people so that more becomes possible for them. Besides work as an executive coach, Geert is actively engaged with music as a composer and performing artist. His first novel ‘The Glass Dome’ got published in 2012.

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